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Know a Site is Safer

Photo titled ‘Hands up’  (© Jenny Rollo)

What a HUGE tip!

This tip is something that I just learned, and if you already knew about it I am proud of you, but otherwise I am spreading the word.

Using the internet makes many daily functions simple, quick and easy. Some of the more common functions that many users complete online include banking and shopping.

In cyberspace there are many not so nice individuals continuously finding ways to get your account information so they can get their grubby little hands on your private information and potentially your identification and money.

Here is the tip…when you receive emails from companies who want your personal information-especially any financial transactions-the webpage address will start with https://.

Other pages start with the regularly seen http:// but secure web pages use the https://.

That little ‘s’ at the end of that HTTP simply means secure. Brilliant!

There are many other tips to keep you safe from cyber criminals, but this is a really good tip for me.

One additional tip to keep yourself protected is to always type in the email address of the company on your own, do not click any links included in the email.

Until next time, stay ardent and stay safe.


Finding What You Feel

Trying to find the perfect background to hold all your words and creations is, at the very least, daunting. 

What colors make your patterns sing and allow users the opportunity to delight in your fabrications? It is rather simple, really, just look around and feel what it makes you feel, if you want to come back to work on that page, then you have found your theme.

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